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What is your experience?

What does your inspector know about inspecting property in Florida? Florida buildings are built differently and exposed to different elements than properties in the North. Inspectors’ who are used to inspecting properties in Michigan might be more accustomed to thinking about snow than microbial growth (mold) and hurricanes.

We only inspect properties in North Central Florida and have lived in Florida for most of our lives. We are experienced in Florida properties.

Is this your full-time job?

There are over 12,000 licensed home inspectors in the state of Florida. Only 40% of those are actively working as inspectors and 20% of those do it as a full-time job. That’s under 1,000 inspectors full-time in the state.

Someone who only does inspections occasionally won’t have the same level of experience as a home inspector who is full-time. 

Again, there’s nothing necessarily wrong with hiring a part-time inspector, but knowing that this is all they do may be important to you.

We only do property inspections as a full-time job through-out Marion, Putnam, Alachua and surrounding counties in Florida.

If you find something wrong can you fix it?

It may be easier to hire a “one-stop” shop to inspect and fix issues in a home. But electricians, plumbers, and contractors who inspect on the side might simply be trying to provider feeder business to themselves. What if they miss something?  Are they available to return and explain things that weren’t in their report? If they answer “yes,” that’s a hint that they might find more items in “need of repair” in the house so they can get more money from you. It’s best to hire separate inspector and contractor, so there’s no conflict of interest.

We won’t answer yes, We will help you understand the problem so you can make the best decision for the repair.

What do you look for? Any additional services you provide?

The Florida Standards of Practice is the minimum that inspectors should check for,  but this doesn’t mean that all inspectors have the same checklist. Some companies hold themselves to higher standards and include more in their standard inspection checklist.

According to the Florida Standards of Practice, an inspector is not required to look for mold, pest infestations, or environmental hazards (lead paint, etc). If any of these features is important to you, you may want to go with the inspector that has a more exhaustive checklist.

Florida homeowners may want a wind mitigation inspection to ensure they are protected in the event of a hurricane. (It may also provide you with an insurance discount, ask your insurance agent). Also ask whether your inspector performs 4 point inspections, this may be required if your home is 30 years or older. Don’t forget to ask if there are any ancillary inspections they need to subcontract out. If a home inspector uses a subcontractor, you’ll want to check that company’s credentials to ensure they are reputable as well.

We are trained to look for anything that is visible that may be unhealthy or unsafe for you and your family. All our home inspections include thermal imaging. We can do additional inspections for you.

Another inspection company is cheaper, why?

The company that offers the cheapest price is generally showing you a couple of things; they are possibly new or part-time and they really do not know their costs (they will not be in business very long).

Inspectors that charge less, may do less, know less and most likely inspect less. They typically do not carry the technology, tools and knowledge that are necessary to complete a comprehensive property inspection. They may not be fully insured. They may lack certifications needed to do a thorough home inspection.

If you desire a comprehensive home inspection of what likely will be, the largest purchase of your life, you will want a certified, experienced and professional home inspection company working for you. Hiring a home inspection company with knowledge, that understands that they work for you and no one else is crucial. 

We make sure that you, the buyer, our client, understands the condition of the systems in your new property this is our 1st priority. 1st Inspection Svcs provides an on-site review at the end of your comprehensive home inspection, this includes our findings and to ensure that you understand all aspects of the property. Our customized reports are straight forward and in an easy-to-read format that provides our recommendations for monitoring, repair and/or replacement which includes photos, and is emailed to you in PDF file within 24 hours. .

Are you licensed and insured?

Licenses are required in the state of Florida, and anyone can check the DBPR website to verify an inspector. Hiring an inspector who is unlicensed is just as dangerous as hiring a contractor who is unlicensed. Can you trust their work?

In the state of Florida, inspectors are required to have a minimum of $300,000 general liability insurance, but some inspectors carry more. In addition, it’s also nice for an inspector to have errors & omissions (E&O) coverage, in case anything is missed that may lead to damage later on.

Even though E&O insurance isn’t required for Florida home inspectors, it is the edge to give you peace of mind.

We carry more than three times the required general liability coverage and have E&O insurance to protect ourselves and you. 


When buying or selling a home, it’s important to trust the experts that are going to work with you, your home inspector is one of these trusted advisers.

We hope We have provided answers you may need to make the best decision for you and your families’ health and safety.

We welcome any additional questions you may have. 

Please call 352.234.4740 if you have any questions or to set your appointment!