Heavy winds can be very damaging, and they can also turn a cozy yard into a wind tunnel that is unbearable to spend time in. What can you possibly do about winds? One step you can take is to grow a windbreak.

Windbreak is the term for a row of trees that is planted to prevent winds from building up and hitting your home.

Of course, with the time it takes for trees to grow, this is a long-term investment, but once it has grown you will have it for a long time. You could save some time by planting a row of quicker-growing trees first. While these won’t last as long or work as well as other types of trees, they will give you quick relief.

Usually, planting a second row of slower-growing trees behind the first one will give you the relief you need for the long term as well.

For the windbreak to work properly, you need to have it planted at a distance of at least 4 times the height of your home, since this will direct the wind over your home.

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