Sometimes when we are trying to organize our home, we can make more clutter than when we started. Here are a few organizing tips that will help you to reduce that clutter.

The first tip has to do with organizing your loose papers. You will want to start with having one area where you sort all your mail. You may also want to digitize receipts and documents when you don’t need the physical copies. Also, make sure that you shred all papers that may contain your personal information.

Another tip is to ask yourself if an item is something that you really need or use. For instance, if you have several specialty small appliances, maybe pare down to just the appliances that you use multiple times each year. Another example would be clothing. Have you worn the item within a year? If not, donate or get rid of the item.

The last tip is to keep your donation bag in full view, and not tucked away in a closet where we tend to forget about the bag. Once the bag is full, make the trip to donate the items.

These few organizing tips will help you to clear away the clutter and help you to get more organized.

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