Tools Used in Your Inspection

Circuit Analyzer

Electrical Circuit Analyzer, gfci inspection, afci inspector, home inspector,  house inspector

I check all accessible outlets and GFCIs for functionality and proper operation during your property inspection.

Gas Leak Detector

Gas Leak Detector, leak detector, gas appliance inspector, appliance inspection, gas leak inspection

Your home inspection includes inspecting any Gas Appliances including Water Heaters, Heaters and Ranges or Cook Tops, I can detect leaks to keep you safe


Flashlight, house inspection, house inspector, commercial inspector, home inspector, home inspection

I use Flashlights, lots of Flashlights during a property inspection.

Hi Definition Camera

Hi Definition Camera, foundation inspector, crawlspace inspector, roof picture inspections, exterior

I use hi definition cameras to get the detail so nothing is missed for you.

Humidity and Temperature Meter

Humidity and Temperature Meter north florida inspections north florida inspectors home inspectors

Moisture and Mold Inspections utilize this.

Infrared Thermal Camera

Infrared Thermal Thermography camera,  home inspector, thermal inspection, thermal inspector

As an added benefit, all property inspections include checking for moisture intrusion, adequate insulation and overheating electrical components, keeping you healthy and safe is 1st priority.

Moisture Meter

Moisture meter inspector, moisture inspector, moisture inspection, home inspection, north florida

Used to verify Moisture Intrusion.


voltmeter, electric inspection, electrical inspection, home electrical inspector, home inspection

To ensure you have the voltage you need where you need it.

Home inspection tools used for you

GFCI Outlet Tester, electric inspection, electrical inspection, garage inspection, bathroom inspect

Confirm GFCIs and outlets are functioning correctly.

Picnic Blanket

Picnic Tablecloth, Health inspection, safety inspection, safety inspector, safe inspector, bathroom

Your home is important to me, if your attic access is inside the home, I use this to protect your floor thereby putting you 1st.


Respirator, mold inspection, radon inspection, mold inspector radon inspector indoor air quality

Just in case of any microbial growth in the home, this will protect my eyes and lungs during your home or property inspection.

Smoke Pencil

draft inspector, leaks in ducts, duct inspector, ductwork inspector, duct inspection, HVAC inspector

Helps to detect air leaks and air flow during your home inspection


ladders, attic inspector, attic inspection, roof inspector, roof inspection, insulation inspector

To get into those areas of your home inspection, we short people can't reach.

Boot Covers

Boot Bootie covers, floor inspection, floor inspector, protecting floor, inspector north florida

Putting you 1st by protecting your floors from dirt and scuffs during your property inspection.

Comfort Crawl Gloves

Comfort Crawl Gloves, north central florida inspector, crawlspace inspector, attic inspector

When I need to crawl during the home inspection, these protect my forearms.