Included in your Whole Home Inspection

Kitchens and Appliance Inspection

Kitchen inspection, appliance inspection, home inspector, house inspector, property inspection

Sinks, faucets, plumbing, stoves, cook tops,  ranges and hoods, dishwashers, microwaves, trash compactors, cabinets, counters and backsplashes, GFCI outlets and smoke detectors are Inspected for you.

Bathroom Inspection

Bathroom inspection, home inspection, property inspection, palatka, welaka, gainesville, ocala

Sinks, stoppers, faucets, tubs and showers, Jacuzzi type tubs, toilets, exhaust fans, cabinets, water flow and pressure are Inspected for you.

Electrical Inspection

Electrical inspection, house inspection, home inspector, commercial inspection, business inspector

Accessible outlets including GFCI and AFCI, ceiling fans, lights, Main Service and Distribution Panels, and any sub panels are Inspected for you.

Exterior Inspection

exterior inspection, outside inspection, property inspection, house inspector, home inspector

Roofs, trims, flashings, foundation, guttters, downspouts, siding, soffits, steps, railings, fascia, vent pipes, exhaust vents, driveways, walkways, balconies and decks are Inspected for you.

Interior Inspection

interior inspection, 4 point inspection, wind mitigation inspection, roof certification, inspector

The interior walls, ceilings, doors, lights, outlets and switches, floor coverings, stairs and railings, all accessible windows and smoke/carbon monoxide detectors are Inspected for you. 

Garage Inspection

garage inspection, home inspector, garage inspector, commercial inspector, property inspector

Garages, garage door openers, outlets and attic ventilation are Inspected for you.

Moisture Intrusion Inspection

moisture inspection, full house inspection, full home inspection, commercial property inspection

As an added benefit, your Inspection includes a moisture intrusion Inspection. 

Insulation Inspection

insulation inspection, thermal inspection, infrared inspection, thermal imaging inspection, inspect

Your Inspection includes looking for missing or inadequate insulation, 1st can see it.

Deck Inspection

deck inspection, health inspection, safety inspection, house inspector, deck inspector, home inspect

Decks and Porches, 1st Inspects those for you.

Heating & Cooling (HVAC) Inspection

heating inspection, heating inspector, cooling inspection, cooling inspector, hvac inspection, hvac

Heating/Cooling systems are Inspected for you. 

Water Heater Inspection

water heater inspection, water heater inspector, safety inspection,  water tank inspection, electric

Water Heaters are Inspected for you.

Fireplace Inspection

fireplace inspection, chimney inspector, fireplace inspector, chimney inspection, damper inspector

Fireplaces and flues are Inspected for your safety.

Attic Inspection

Attic Inspections, crawl space inspections, crawlspace inspections, identify potential problems

We look in the accessible attic space for adequate insulation, leaks and any HVAC or electrical issues. 

Driveway and Walkway Inspection

Cracked driveway, driveway inspection, walkway inspection, walk way inspection, broken driveway

We look at the driveways and walks for any safety issues like cracking and buckling creating safety hazards.

Balcony Inspection

Balcony inspection, porch inspection, survey homes condition, general home inspection, foundation

Balconies are included in your inspection.

Additional Inspections

4 Point Insurance Inspection

4 point inspector, 4 point insurance inspector, 4 point inspection, 4 point insurance inspection

Many Insurance companies require a 4 point Inspection when your home is thirty plus years.

Wind Mitigation Insurance Inspection

wind mitigation insurance inspector, wind mitigation inspector, wind mitigation inspection, wind mit

A wind mitigation Inspection can save you hundreds on your homeowner's insurance.

Well Water Testing

well water inspection, water test,  chloriform, e coli, bacteria, nitrate, nitrite,  water test,

Is the water safe in your new home? I can test it for you.

Commercial Inspection

commercial inspector,, commercial inspection, property inspector, property inspection, business

Commercial Inspections for your new business venture. Ensure you, your employees' and your customers' health and safety.

11th Month Warranty Inspection

11 month warranty inspection, warranty inspection, 11th month inspector, end of warranty inspect

New homes nearing the end of their warranty should all be inspected before the the warranty expires. Have your home inspected by a Certified Home Inspector.

Roof Certification Insurance Inspection

roof inspection, roof cert, roof certification, citizens roof cert, citizens  certificate

Citizens and other Insurance companies may require a Roof Certification Inspection.

Pre-Listing Inspection

prelisting inspector, pre-listing inspection, pre listing inspector, presale inspection, presale

 Let 1st help you ensure your home is ready. 

Pet Friendly

pet friendly inspection, pet friendly inspector, health inspection, safety inspector, safety inspect

I keep all your Family in mind.

Please tell us if you have pets.

Crawlspace Inspection

crawlspace inspection, crawl space inspection, attic inspection, home inspection, house inspection

1st will go into the crawlspace ensuring your health and safety.

Free to All our Clients

Included with all Whole Home Inspections