With over 200 hours of training from the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors, we are certified to utilize the latest technology to ensure you have all the information possible on what may be one of your largest purchases. We take the time to do it right for you.


Infrared Thermal Camera

As an added benefit, all home inspections include checking for moisture intrusion, adequate insulation, and overheating electrical components, keeping you healthy and safe is 1st priority.

Gas Leak Detector

Your home inspection includes inspecting any Gas Appliances including Water Heaters, Heaters, and Ranges or Cook Tops. We can detect leaks to keep you safe. Your home inspector is concerned for your health and safety.

Moisture Meter

Used to verify Moisture Intrusion. This will detect the difference between moisture content in various surfaces in your home. Combine this with thermal imaging during your home inspection and your home inspector will be able to assess moisture concerns to keep you healthy and safe.

Circuit Analyzer

We check all accessible outlets and GFCIs for functionality and proper operation during your home inspection. Your home inspector may use this device to confirm an inoperative circuit. 

Humidity and Temperature Meter

Moisture inspections utilize this to tell us if the humidity is too high, which can lead to microbial growth. Your home inspector will use his knowledge but also confirm with tools and equipment to ensure your home inspection is thorough.

High-Definition Camera

We use HD cameras to get the detail so nothing is missed for you during your comprehensive home inspection.


We use flashlights, lots of flashlights, during a property inspection. We need to look into the four corners and see all the details during your home inspection.


To ensure you have the correct voltage where you need it. The home inspector may use this to confirm voltage at various locations during your home inspection.

Receptacle and GFCI Tester

Your home inspector will utilize this to confirm GFCIs and outlets are functioning correctly during your home inspection.


Your home is important to us, if your attic access is inside the home, your home inspector may use this to protect your floor thereby putting you 1st during your home inspection.


Just in case of any microbial growth in the home, this will protect our eyes and lungs during your home or property inspection.

Smoke Pencil

Helps to detect air leaks and air flow during your home inspection

Comfort Crawl Gloves

When we need to crawl during the home inspection, these protect our forearms.

Boot Covers

Putting you 1st by protecting your floors from dirt and scuffs during your property inspection.

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