Why Have a Home Inspection?

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New Construction is not Perfect

Many defects found during your comprehensive home inspection are not visible to the average buyer, as not only do most of us see a potential purchase through rose colored glasses, but it may take the knowledge, skills, tools and objectivity of a 1st Inspection Svcs home inspector to see a problem. Remember, we inspect all North Central Florida, including Fort McCoy FL, Palatka FL, Ocala FL, Gainesville FL and the surrounding areas. 

Often construction is done by the lowest bidder.

Sometimes this means the materials are inferior, and or the work done is sub-standard,

so take no chances on your next property inspection.

Why have a home inspection

If anyone, including your Agent tells you a home inspection is not needed, you should reconsider your relationship with that person.

Due diligence means looking out for your interests, and there is a duty to recommend an inspection when buying any property, whether Home or Condo or even Commercial. 1st Inspection Svcs and your home inspector work for you and only you, not the realtor, not the lender not your insurance company..... YOU.

No Property is sold "as is"

Unless you plan on tearing down the entire structure, you should have a property inspection performed.

You can make your offer contingent on the home inspection.

How do you know “as is” property is not a money pit waiting for a taker?

When spending money on anything, you need to keep both eyes open, so you do not get taken.  !st Inspection Svcs and your home inspector can help you make an informed decision.

The price of a property may seem like a deal, but is it?

Sometimes what seems like a bargain is anything but...

A comprehensive home inspection may reveal extremely expensive problems in the way of repairs and deferred maintenance that may not be seen.

Remember that the cost of maintenance on things such as HVAC, Plumbing, Roofing, etc., can all add up.

Take everything into account and forget nothing.

Inspect what you expect when it comes to your next property inspection. We have your next home inspector waiting to serve you. 

Condo Unit Owners pay for everything

Buying a Condo is not an easy way out of the burden of repairs and maintenance.

Home inspectors are looking for the same issues one may find in a whole house inspection. The same systems in a Home are also present in a Condo.

Many people do not realize that even though HVAC is in the walls, the unit owner is responsible for all repair and maintenance costs, our property inspection will look at this system.

A Condo Inspection will look at the systems within the walls of the unit, you can also inspect the common area during the Inspection, if desired.

You are paying for, and are responsible for, your percentage of costs in repairs and maintenance of all common building systems and areas.

Sometimes there will be a special assessment involved to pay for unexpected repairs.

Disclosure laws only protect when the seller knows and tells the truth

According to Florida law a seller must attach a disclosure document alerting the buyer to any defects or hazards that the seller knows about.

This includes basic house systems and things such as lead or radon.

This law is only good if the buyer knows and tells about the problems.

Most people have no idea as to the actual condition of their home as they are not trained in Home Inspection.

The very fact that many things are found wrong at a typical house inspection is proof enough. When you choose 1st inspection Svcs, you are getting highly trained, ethical, professional , certified home inspectors.


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